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Help Horizons While You Shop!

We have two new ways you can support Horizons for the Blind while you shop for your holiday gifts! When you shop online at Amazon or Ebay via the links below, we will receive a percentage of the money made from the sale. Please spread the word, every cent helps to further our goal of providing services and materials for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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Our mission …

Horizons for the Blind is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired by increasing accessibility to consumer products and services, education, recreation and the cultural arts.

For the business community …

Over the years, Horizons has become a leading provider of braille, large print and audio transcription services to the business community. We specialize in partnering with companies, large and small, to provide documents in an accessible format such as braille, audio, and large print. Examples of document types are billing and financial statements, newsletters, restaurant menus, hotel directories and user manuals for cell phones and other electronic equipment.

In addition, we process over 25,000 billing statements per month in braille, large print and audio for financial institutions, utility companies, communications companies and others.

For nonprofits and other groups …

For nonprofit and other organizations, Horizons provides newsletters, promotional materials and membership information in braille, large print and audio, in the style and format of your choice.

For blind and visually impaired consumers …

Horizons offers a variety of products and services for blind and visually impaired people around the world. Our online catalog offers over 400 items, including braille and large print cookbooks, books on plants and gardening, books and kits on crafts, knitting and crochet patterns as well as seasonal baking items complete with braille and large print instructions.

In addition, our catalog offers braille and large print books on poetry, medical tips, household hints, some that puzzle the mind and some that are just fun to read. For more information, please visit our Product Catalog page or request a free catalog by e-mail at or by calling 815-444-8800.

Our monthly magazine …

Our monthly braille and large print magazine, Seeing It Our Way, is filled with interesting articles, craft instructions, recipes, helpful hints, sports information and games. It’s a great way to stay connected for only $30 per year. Order a free sample copy or subscribe today! Just visit our Product Catalog page, e-mail us at or call us at 815-444-8800.

Directions For Me …

Exciting news! In 2010, Horizons for the Blind launched an innovative new website called Directions for Me. This website provides a complete, consistent, reliable source of packaging information, for everything from preparation instructions to ingredients and nutrition facts, for over 400,000 grocery, health and beauty products. Directions for Me was designed to be completely accessible to those who use adaptive technology. It also offers adjustable fonts for those who would prefer larger print.

Whether you are using a PC, a Mac, a notetaker or even a cell phone, you can take advantage of all the information this website has to offer. For more information, go to:

Bar Code Scanner

With the Quantum customized Omnidirectional bar code scanner, you can unleash the true power of the Directions for Me website, while easily identifying and learning about hundreds of thousands of food, health and beauty items. Simply scan the bar code on virtually any item to hear its name, preparation instructions, nutritional information, ingredients, and more.

For Cardinals Fans Only!

If you are here because you read Rich Wolfe’s latest “For Cardinals Fans Only!” book and you want to know about the next edition, stay tuned! We’ll make sure you know where to go when the new book is released. If you would like to ask us questions just e-mail us at
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