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Transcription Services

Horizons is dedicated to improving communication between businesses and their blind or visually impaired customers.   We offer solutions in braille, large print, and audio formats.  Our services include analysis of the original document to make sure that an appropriate final document structure is created, such that the overall effect of the communication is retained.


Whether you need one copy or thousands, English or Spanish, have a one-time request or an ongoing project, Horizons can transcribe your documents into braille. We have decades of experience and set high quality standards.

Large Print

Visual acuities vary greatly, as do individual needs. We remain flexible to ensure meaningful communication, rather than a one size fits all strategy. Consult with us to get the best results out of your large print correspondence for you AND your customers.


We have a fully functional recording studio, with professional readers to create audio versions of your bank statement, utility bill, invoice, customer communication, or any other essential printed media.

Bills & Statements

Touch-a-bill is a service offered by Horizons for the Blind to assist utilities, cable companies, internet providers, banks and other business entities, to provide billing statements in braille, large print and audio to people with visual impairments, quickly and easily.


Having braille menus and large print menus makes a statement about your establishment. The first rule of the hospitality industry is to create a welcoming environment for your patrons. Accessible menus make your blind guests feel more welcome. They say that you care about all your customers, you want everyone to feel at home in your restaurant.

Business Cards

There is only one way to make a first and lasting impression that you are interested in the needs of ALL of your customers. Incorporate braille on your business cards.