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Horizons Continues to Grow

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Horizons is pleased to begin processing statements for several new companies in the financial services and communications sectors in the next few weeks. Horizons has long supported many of the largest financial services and communications companies in the United States, giving us particular expertise in these areas. The processing of customer statements and correspondence for these new clients will be phased in over the next several weeks.

When asked about the new clients, Camille Caffarelli, Horizons Executive Director, said, “We have a lot of experience working with the banking and communications industries. We do work for a substantial number of clients in many industries. Mostly I am proud that they put so much trust and confidence in us to prepare their braille, large print, and audio formatted statements.”

Does Caffarelli see any impact on the rest of Horizons current clients?  “Not really. We are always up to the task of adding new clients. We have handled new business practices before and our staff is extremely professional.”

What Caffarelli is most proud of is Horizons’ ability to provide work for blind and visually impaired employees. Over half of Horizons’ staff is made up of people with disabilities.   Nationwide, the unemployment rate for visually impaired adults is about 60 percent.

The names of the particular clients are withheld from our public announcements. This is in respect for the confidentiality of our clients and the privacy of their customers.

Asked why Horizons did not identify the new clients specifically Caffarelli said, “I wish we could. It would be great if we could name all the large companies we do work for. But, we respect the extremely confidential nature with which they treat their customers. Knowing that they trust us with that, is far more important than name dropping.”

This represents a great opportunity for Horizons to consolidate its position as a leading provider of transcription services to the financial industry. Horizons has other financial institutions evaluating its operation and hope to add more of them in the coming months.