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Horizons Begins Production of DIALOGUE

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Beginning this month, Horizons will be the new producer of DIALOGUE, a quarterly magazine published by Blindskills. We are proud to announce this new relationship, because DIALOGUE is a flagship publication for the blind and visually impaired community. The fact that Blindskills chose Horizons as its new producer speaks to the quality reputation Horizons has within our community.

DIALOGUE is primarily written by and for visually impaired people. It has been published for over 50 years. Every issue includes tips on adapting to life with low vision, techniques for easier daily living, career interviews, recreation and sports, technology reviews, and descriptions of new products and services designed for people with visual impairments

The quarterly issues of DIALOGUE are available in braille, large print, cassette, digital cartridge, and email formats.

A sample issue of DIALOGUE may be obtained free of charge. For a copy, to obtain pricing information, or to place a subscription order, simply contact Blindskills Inc. at 503-581-4224 or via Email to request one