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Ron Santo: A Perfect 10

About The Book

Ron Santo: A Perfect 10, by Pat Hughes and Rich Wolfe, published by Lone Wolfe Press, a division of Richcraft. Reproduced courtesy of Pat Hughes and Rich Wolfe.

Ron Santo, a Chicago Cubs legend, was “one for the ages” and this keepsake book takes you behind the scenes as friends, family  and colleagues share their best, funniest and most poignant stories about an incredible guy —  the likes of whom we will never see again.

Co-authored by longtime WGN Radio Cubs broadcaster Pat Hughes, with contributions from the Santo family, you will enjoy never-before-told, behind-the-scenes stories mixed with humor and fascinating facts. This marvelous, funny and emotional true account of the incredible life and career of Ron Santo is a “must read” for any baseball or Cubs fan?

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