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Upcoming Weekenders Events

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Horizons for the Blind sponsors the Weekenders, an outreach social group for people who are blind and visually impaired. Each month, The Weekenders travel throughout Chicagoland to seek out interesting and engaging activities in the area. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

The group is open to the public, we encourage you to join us and invite your friends as well. Call Terri at 708-705-8720 or 815-444-8800 to ask about joining. Dues for The Weekenders are $10 a year. The following details are also available on the telephone information line, 815-444-8800 ext. 4.

Here are the most recent upcoming events, to see more go to the Full Weekenders Calendar.

Date and Time: Saturday, September 9
Location: Arlington International Racecourse: 2200 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Cost: $8 for admission.

Transportation: The van will leave McDonald’s 4946 N. Milwaukee at 10:15am. We will also have people available to meet the trains from both directions. Please let us know if you are taking the train.The races are usually over around 5:15, and the van should be back at Jefferson Park around 6:30pm.
Notes: The million room does have a dress code. Don’t wear any shorts, jeans, or open shoes. We do have 4 volunteers to assist. If you need a wheelchair, the track will provide them. They will use their personnel to push. After they bring you to the million room, they will come back when you tell them Please let us know in advance if you need a wheelchair. We want to make sure they are available when you arrive.. Please remember they have a lot of people that require wheelchairs. Please give them time to get back after the races. If we can get the volunteers, we will plan a fun day at the races. More information as it becomes available.
Cut-off:  September 1

Date and Time: October
Activity: Coming soon. Check back for updates.

For suggestions, questions or comments regarding the Weekenders group, or to make reservations for events, call 815-444-8000 or 800-318-2000  To hear this information on the telephone information line, call us at 815-444-8800 ext. 4.

Want to see what else is coming up? Check out the Full Weekenders Calendar.